Bharath Gyan is a civilizational study initiative to compile and present the knowledge as well as ethos of India, its traditions, culture and global ties, through the ages.

The objective is to bridge old and new worlds by repurposing knowledge from the past, for the present and future, to experience, appreciate and apply. It is an endeavour to bring forth the knowledge from ancient times through the ages, with a special focus on Indian heritage.

The knowledge of the Indian civilization is available in myriad forms- books, manuscripts, oral recitations amongst scholars, various art forms, customs and traditions of the land. Most of these are either inaccessible or unintelligible to the present generation. Language of the ancients, forms a barrier too.

At Bharath Gyan, we have endeavoured to carefully sift through all this data, with an inquisitive, rational, logical and scientific mind to understand the knowledge from a fresh interdisciplinary perspective. The outcome of this analysis is an over 500 hours of core Multimedia content, spread across 108 different subjects on the knowledge, traditions and sustainable practices of India.

Bharath Gyan helps facilitate meaningful interaction between tradition Scholars rich in above knowledge and modern scientists with access to latest tools and methodologies, in order to make this knowledge relevant to the current generation.

The interpretation of ancient knowledge provides remarkable insights into prevalent scientific and social advancements in India. Bharath Gyan offers credible evidences that establish India as a land rich in science, trade and prosperity along with culture and spirituality.

Bharath Gyan is a 12AA registered Trust with 80G and FCRA.

Bharath Gyan – Art of Living is an association instituted under the guidance of H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder, Art of Living, for disseminating this knowledge worldwide. As one of the initiatives, it is repurposing the compiled knowledge into various knowledge products for dissemination to the community at large.

The activities of Bharath Gyan are oriented towards:

  • Developing pride in the people of India over their rich heritage and knowledge
  • Opening up discussions to understand the connect between civilizations from ancient times to encourage global harmony, peace
    and cooperation
  • Establishing India as a land rich in sciences, trade and prosperity too besides being known for its culture and spirituality.
  • Identifying applications of the native knowledge
  • Providing inputs from ancient Indian knowledge systems to help breakthroughs in science, lifestyle and sustainability
  • Promote a Questioning temperament in people to create knowledge seekers
  • Providing answers from ancient Indian texts and scriptures to Universal Questions.

    Besides filling the readers with wonder at the not-so-commonly known scientific facets of ancient civilizations, it is hoped that this knowledge and approach of the ancients will kindle future research for the benefit of science and mankind.

    Can we make the past converge with the present for the future?

    Can we give the present generation the confidence to dare, to adopt and to adapt the old but sustainable way of living of their ancestors to create a new art of living for their progeny?

    Can we change the mindset of the world to see unity in knowledge and harmony in diversity ?

    It is perhaps not the first effort in this direction; neither should it be the last …