The logo of Bharath Gyan symbolises the knowledge of the civilization of the land called Bharath.

It is well known that India gave the concept of Zero to the world. The very word Zero in India has been called Shunya. As the word Shunya traversed through the continents of Asia and Europe, it morphed itself into the word Zipher or Zero.

India also gave to the world the other end of the spectrum from Zero, ie. Infinity. The Indian term for Infinity is Anantha, which is also the etymological root of the word Infinity. The symbol of Infinity resembles a coiled serpent, the Indian symbol of AnanthaSesha, the coiled serpent.

Not only have these two terms come from India but a whole host of knowledge in the field of Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Arts and Culture have emanated from the Indian Civilization. This knowledge goes to the very beginning, the understanding of the Big Bang and the process of creation itself. This theory of Big Bang and the universe emanating from the Cosmic Egg has been beautifully, graphically, scientifically explained in the Rig Veda and the associated ancient texts of India as the concept of Hiranyagarbha or the golden womb or egg, which when breaks open with a bang, spews out the Universe. The resonance of this bang is OM. This concept of OM, which has been exemplified by the ancients, as the resonance of the bell and is known in Indian texts as Omkara, has been shown as the overall bell shape in the logo. The Bell also represents the highly evolved state of metallurgy or Bharthiyo, in ancient India.

The logo is in the colour Indigo or Neel. This colour is one of the early contributions from India and it is to be noted that this colour Indigo was not replicated in Europe till the early 1900s.

The native name for India, Bharath is made of Bha meaning light, which in turn represents knowledge and Ratha meaning to relish or enjoy. Bharatha - The laid of people who relished knowledge. It is these concepts of India's knowledge offerings to the world, starting from Zero (0) to Infinity (co) and many a things in between, that flowed from the very concept of Hiranyagarbha, Big Bang, creation and OM, which have been collated in Bharath Gyan and are being brought forth for people at large to relish and experience, as shown in the form of the person in the Logo, siting and relishing this knowledge emanating from within to all.

The arrangement of all these symbols and concepts, in the form of a meditating person satnds for the contemplative and wholistic quest of Bharath Gyan, for the knowledge of our ancients to be used for the present and future.