Birth of Bharath Gyan

During their travels, the Hari couple, husband-wife duo of management and IT professionals, took the initiative to learn about the different lands they visited and the cultures they came across.

It was a quest

• to seek the ethos of the Indian civilization

• to see the similarities in the cultures across the world

• to experience, enjoy and expound on the diversity in the world.

These travels and exchanges, opened their vision to the antiquity, the scientificity, the prosperity, the sustainability, amongst many other facets, that lay ensconced within a spiritual covering, in their own heritage of culture, traditions and knowledge systems.

In short, they started to see the ethos of India in all its practices, value systems and lifestyle.

The tipping point was their 3 month sojourn in Europe in the year 2000 which culminated in a visit to the Hanover Expo 2000 on one end and a tour of the Comic Museum in Brussels on the other end.

They began to see how it was important to not only showcase India as a land of culture and spirituality but also as a land of science, trade and prosperity, an identity, which it had sustained for many millennia.

They also began to see how it was important to not only bind knowledge within the pages of a book or in words but to also express, exhibit and exchange knowledge in experiential forms.

Bharath Gyan as a concept and as a name was thus born in the year 2000, in the train, on one of their return journeys to Wuppertal, a beautiful city in the valley of the Wupper river in Germany, where they were living then.

Bharath Gyan Acquires Purpose

By the Mungsten Bridge, Germany highest railroad bridge, made of steel, spanning across the Wuppertal valley, in Solingen, renowned for its steel swords, knives and cutlery, the concept of Bharath Gyan was honed.

A fitting location for conceiving an endeavour to bridge worlds using knowledge, with a special focus on cutting edge knowledge from ancient India, the land that was for a long time, sought after by the world, for many things ranging from its high quality Wootz steel to its subtle spirituality.

Bharath Gyan as a concept acquired the purpose of,

  • Bridging generations and cultures using knowledge of the past, for present and future
  • Elevating minds with multidimensional knowledge, to imbibe and emulate
  • Expressing Knowledge in the form of an Experience.

  • Bharath Gyan Embarks on Its Journey

    On the return of its Founders to India during the second half of the year 2000, Bharath Gyan started taking the shape of a Multimedia compilation,
  • packed with authentic, factual content from records spanning across civilizations and across ages
  • collated to understand India from the world’s perspective using knowledge about India’s ties with world cultures
  • comprehensive, rational and logical due to the multi-disciplinary approach adopted
  • credible due to the convergence obtained from the self corroborating facts across disciplines
  • at the same time, rich with graphics and animations to capture the attention of young and old alike and make it easy to grasp.

  • Bharath Gyan Is Instituted

    In the year 2006, when a reasonable volume of data had been collated, Bharath Gyan was officially registered as a Trust and entrusted with safeguarding this continuously growing knowledge bank and promoting its reach.

    The Trust was instituted with an august body of experts from diverse fields spanning from academics, demographic studies, governance to marketing, to ensure that this knowledge bank receives the best of advice in collation to dissemination.

    The USP of this compilation, is the range and depth of data it presents on the Indian civilization, with an Indian ethos and perspective.

    Bharath Gyan Gains Strength From Art of Living

    Into the 9th year since its conceptualization, when sizeable Multimedia content of over 500 hours had been compiled and delivered across many forums, Bharath Gyan Founders had the good fortune of meeting H.H.Sri Sri RaviShankar, Founder, Art of Living, who offered the Art of Living platform to take this knowledge to the world community.

    Into the Second Leg of the Journey

    Thus came into being, Bharath Gyan - Art of Living, an association to showcase India to Indians and others worldwide.

    The second leg in the journey of Bharath Gyan since its inception had begun – of converting the multimedia content into publicly accessible textual and visual forms.

    13 Books, 4 Documentaries, many Articles and a host of Short Films have so far been published through this association. Many more are on the anvil.

    With the factual content, thus compiled over 15 years of dedicated research, across 108 different subjects on the knowledge, traditions and sustainable practices of India, the founders, the Hari couple have today, evolved into subject matter experts on the overall understanding of India across ages from over 8000 years ago to the present.

    After over 250 lectures across India and the globe to wide audiences, participation in various international conferences, intercultural dialogues, interdisciplinary knowledge exchanges as well as one on one interactions with spiritual, religious, cultural, diplomatic and political leaders across India and the globe, which have all gone towards giving this compilation a global and wholistic appeal, Bharath Gyan has been gradually progressing as per its strategy.

    The Next Phase

    Bharath Gyan is preparing itself to foray further in its journey – its objective of creating experiences, exchanges and applications from its knowledge bank.