D.K.Hari and D.K.Hema Hari
Founders of Bharath Gyan

D.K.Hari and D.K.Hema Hari are founders of Bharath Gyan, a civilizational study initiative to compile and present the knowledge of India, its traditions, culture and global ties - in short, its ethos through the ages.

Bharath Gyan is an endeavour to bridge old and new worlds by repurposing knowledge from the past, for the present and future, to experience, appreciate and apply.

The knowledge of India embedded in books, manuscripts, oral tradition amongst scholars and folk lore, art forms, customs, have all been brought together in their compilation.

With over 20 years of professional experience behind them, this husband-wife duo of management and IT professionals turned researchers, have travelled extensively within India and overseas, and compiled over 500 hours of factual multimedia content across 108 different subjects on the knowledge, traditions and sustainable practices of India.

Under the guidance of H.H.Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder, Art of Living, this compilation is being disseminated worldwide.

With over 15 years of dedicated research, the Hari couple have evolved into subject matter experts on the overall understanding of India across ages, from over 8000 years ago to the present.

Together, they have given over 250 lectures across India and the globe, to wide audiences and have so far authored 13 Books, 4 Documentaries, many Articles and a host of Short Films.

The Hari couple have participated in various international conferences, intercultural dialogues, interdisciplinary knowledge exchanges as well as shared one on one interactions with spiritual, religious, cultural, diplomatic and political leaders across India and the globe which have all gone towards giving their work a global and wholistic appeal.

They can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..